chorderize at the exhange

Chorderize presents Wightwords: the showcase for original material.

Next gig: April 10th at Quay Arts in Newport.

7.30 pm admission free

Donna Jones

Donna has been writing with fervour since the age of 11 as a way of coping with the difficulties of her upbringing and to gain strength from the healing empathy of words. Donna writes without shame of her own pain and isolation and also her joy, alongside that of the broken, judged and overlooked. Brave, tough, funny and touching, we glimpse slices of the thick and thin of life, the agony, brutality and sheer wonder of what it is to be human.


A talented writier and musician making his first appearance as a solo performer, SiD will be reading his own very personal mix on insights and observations on the issues that face us all. A rare talent.

Ian Boyd

A surprisingly popular poet and musician, Ian is a more than a little obsessive about several things at once (bugs, plants, more bugs) but drags himself out to read poetry and play the guitatar. He's currently going through an outburst of poetry making (about one per month since January). Stalwart member of The Believeables and generally one of life's good guys.

The Believables

This hapless bunch of sub Grauniad art types will present a few numbers from the cunningly untitled jazz/improv/plainsong thing on the theme of how beliefs influence the way in which we live our lives and how it feels to acquire and hold on to a new belief. Of course, this is all very tentative and we don't pretend to have anything like a coherent set of answers but it is hoped that these ditties might provoke a few related thoughts in the audience. All texts are taken verbatim from real interviews with real people and then avantgardified by Your Humble Servant.

They, for there are many of them, hope to be performing four or five short pieces in a variety of differing formats all of which will have been rehearsed. At least once.

The MuzikJunkieZ Project

This trio are making their debut Chorderize performance with a mix of musical and verbal genres including hip hop and spoken word based on leader Jay JmO Jamieson's thirty year relationship with words and what they can do.

John Armstrong

Fat bastard, organiser of these events, poetry obsessive runs and writes for the arduity site which attempts to clarify and negotiate with 'difficult' poetry. Currently has an interest in multi-vocal documentary work. Believes that poetry is far too poetic for its own good. Lives and works in Sunny Ventnor with the love of his life Doesn't get out much, doesn't publish, enjoys performance, works mostly with musicians and photographists. Wants to be Steve Van Zandt and Caroline Bergvall in equal measure. Is in a poem by Sir Geoffrey Hill, enjoys being in poems.

Likes Hoccleve, Spenser, Milton, David Jones, Paul Celan, Geoffrey Hill, J H Prynne and Vanessa Place. Is infleunced by decent inquiry reports, Ashley Paul, the Marginal Consort and (currently) Vanity Fair tweets. Is sporadically teaching himself Middle English and Sichuan knife skills but not getting very far. Marxian anarchist (retired) and exasperated with the dismality that currently masquerades as British politics.

Carolyn King.

CAROLYN KING lives in Ventnor, Isle of Wight, and has poems cast in bronze at Island landmarks in Brading and Chale. But she grew up in Slough, alongside Eton College playing-fields, and comes from a family of musicians (mother a classical ballet dancer and pianist, father a jazz violinist, great- grandfather a well-known composer/lyricist/performer at the time of the First World War). Her own son and daughter live in Yorkshire and Wales.

Her early working life was spent in journalism, but on the Island she was involved for many years with language-impaired children - and this is often reflected in her poems. Widely published, she was "profiled poet" in South poetry magazine in Autumn 2012, with ten pages of her poetry alongside a "profile" written by the first Makar (poet-laureate) of Edinburgh, from whom she had received a 1st prize (in Edinburgh) for a competition poem. She has had considerable competition success and was particularly thrilled to be in the distinguished short-list of six for the Manchester Poetry Prize, involving a reading in Manchester, the ultimate winner being Pascale Petit. So far this year (March 2015) she has been 2nd-prize-winner in the annual Sentinel competition and short-listed in the Bath Poetry Caf& competition which will involve a reading and final judging in Bath in September.

Carolyn has published three collections to date (The Reunion, Lifelines and Caviare and Chips).